About Us

Who We Are

Shanu Luna is a small handmade business that started out as just a thought in the back of my mind a few years ago. I have always had a passion for making 3 dimensional art and wanted a way to not only enjoy it, but share it with others. Working in healthcare as a Recreation Therapist, I had the opportunity to create large installation art pieces for residents and families alike. With my co founder and friend Panda, we wanted a way to spark your imagination and inspire creativity in your home. 

Imagination and Creativity

Have you ever looked up at a cloud and imagined what shape it reminded you of? Perhaps an Elephant or a Moon?  Shanu Luna seeks to add a little whimsy and relaxation to your home. We offer preset clouds and custom orders to add a little fantastical and fun art piece to your home. Perfect for nurseries, children's rooms, living rooms, or parties.

We also provide mixed media canvases that aren't constrained to four sides. Each one is custom made by collection. A beautiful art piece for any room.